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I believe that:

  • A healthy gut is the foundation of overall health.

  • Eating more plant foods does not mean sacrificing flavor or cultural foods.

  • Food and mealtimes should not cause stress; they are a time for connection.

  • Health is more than just diet and exercise. Sleep, stress, creativity, relationships, genetics, and environmental factors all play a part.

  • Each individual knows their body better than any health professional and can make informed decisions about their health.   

The Process

Finally feel better.

Weight loss, dieting, and calorie deficits have been overly prescribed as a blanket solution to every health problem (chronic or acute) you can imagine. The funny thing is: research shows diets don't work! They can leave you with a slower metabolism and further gut imbalances.

Every body is different, which is why a one-size-fits-all diet will not cut it. I work with you to help create healthy lifestyle changes that align with your values, balance your gut health, and help you to feel your healthiest. 


There is no judgment or shaming, and I will not take away all of your favorite foods. No one knows your body as well as you! I am here to help you navigate and manage chronic diseases and/or medical conditions, without the stress. 


My Story

 I'm a registered dietitian (the official nutrition expert certification) who uses a wellness-centered approach to help you finally feel better. I utilize evidence-based nutrition therapy to help alleviate your symptoms and manage your chronic illnesses without fear of food. 

Let's be honest: nutrition is confusing. It is a new and growing field. That is where I come in! I can translate the latest research to ensure you get the best evidence-based advice for your overall health. 

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Learn about my education and experience:

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