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15 Delicious & Balanced Plant-Based Breakfast Ideas

Updated: May 29

As a dietitian, I hear about people skipping breakfast all the time. Their arguments are always "there isn't enough time," "I don't like breakfast food, " or "I'm just not hungry." Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, and if you are tired of eating the same thing repeatedly, this post is for you! Set yourself up for success with these high-fiber, protein-packed, nutrient-dense breakfasts. You don't have to be vegan to enjoy a plant-based breakfast.

We are all used to cereal, scrambled eggs, smoothies, and waffles for breakfast, so hopefully, these ideas show you those are just the tip of the iceberg. If you aren't hungry in the morning, start with something light like #1 to get your body used to eating in the morning.

One of my favorite go-to breakfasts because it is so easy and delicious. It is sweet and will satisfy that sweet tooth early in the morning while still getting some fiber and micronutrients. If you are vegan, feel free to use a plant-based yogurt.

Quinoa is so versatile, but many people only use it as a savory side to their meals. Having it for breakfast will help you start your morning full of protein and fib r. Adding nuts for healthy fats, dried fruits and maple syrup for sweetness, and chia seeds for fiber creates the perfect satiating, balanced breakfast.

Another item usually just used as a side becomes the star of this breakfast. These sweet potato bowls have almond butter, cinnamon, fruit, yogurt, and hemp seeds, but feel free to top them with anything. These bowls will keep you full for hours!

A classic breakfast choice: these pancakes are plant-based and a good source of protein. You can make them whole grain by using whole-wheat flour for some additional fiber. Top with fruits for a balanced breakfast.

A simple way to meet your vegetable serving goal daily is to include some vegetables for breakfast. I love scrambling them in with eggs, but if you are vegan, then tofu makes a delicious substitute. Adding some avocado is excellent for healthy fats and keeps you satisfied for longer.

Hummus is simple and makes a delicious base for many different flavors. Some cultures will eat hummus and bread for breakfast, and this hummus toast takes some inspiration from that. Try out this elote toast for a flavorful start to your day.

Another way to sneak vegetables into your morning is in a sandwich. This recipe includes an onion cashew cream cheese. Add it to a whole-grain bagel for extra fiber, but any bagel works fine because you will get plenty of fiber from various veggies. I love this breakfast also because it is an on-the-go option.

Potatoes are one of the most filling foods, so having this hash for breakfast is a no-brainer. Packed with vegetables and plant-based protein from the black beans and vegan sausage, you will be satisfied for hours after having this breakfast.

Another portable breakfast is the breakfast burrito. Choose a whole-wheat tortilla for extra fiber, but the black beans have plenty. Add as many vegetables as you wish to complement the black beans and tofu scramble.

What is Taco Tuesday without a breakfast taco? Like the breakfast burrito, these tacos are full of plant-based protein. They also get the bonus of healthy fats with avocado. Please don't leave out the pomegranate; they add such a great burst of flavor.

A smoothie bowl is perfect for breakfast because you can throw everything into a blender easily and quickly. Putting it in a bowl and topping it with more fruit, granola, and coconut shavings tricks your body into thinking you're eating a meal, leaving you more satisfied than if you were drinking it.

Overnight oats were trendy years ago, but they are still an easy, cheap, grab-and-go breakfast that is healthy, balanced, and yummy. This recipe has a delicious overnight oat base that you can add any flavors you would like, but give this peanut butter overnight oats a try.

Everyone has heard of avocado toast, but try chickpea toast if the avocado is feeling bland. Adding chickpeas will give you some protein and fiber to your already nutritious avocado toast. Serve with some fruits and top with vegetables for a completely balanced breakfast.

For individuals like me with texture issues that prevent them from eating warm oatmeal for breakfast, try out baked oats. Easy, delicious, and full of fiber! I love this recipe because you can throw everything in a blender and then straight into the oven.

Have some extra time in the morning? Make some scones and serve with a side of fruit salad for a balanced and sweet start to your day.

Give any of these ideas a try, and let me know what you think!

Breakfast doesn't have to be boring or repetitive. Switch it up with some plant-based, protein-packed, filling breakfasts. Leave us a comment if you have tried any of these! Also, use these ideas as inspiration for other breakfast ideas.


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