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Peach Melba Agua Fresca Recipe

It's hot out there, so staying hydrated should be your number one priority. An agua fresca is perfect when the temperature gets into the triple digits. Get the best summer vibes by using fresh peaches and raspberries. I know I will be sipping on this in my beach chair.


Peaches: High in soluble and insoluble fiber, peaches are great for digestion. They also are high in polyphenols, which is great for reducing inflammation. Peaches also contain a lot of vitamin C which makes them great for your immune system.

Raspberries: High in fiber, these berries are great for gut and heart health. They have also been shown to help reduce inflammation and regulate blood sugar. Raspberries are also high in ellagic acid which are are also powerful antioxidants that help reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes.

Sweetener: Sugar is not necessary for this drink if your fruit is very sweet and ripe. Make sure you blend before and taste after to see how much you need to add.

Drink Variations

Fruits: Feel free to switch to other berries for this drink's raspberries. For the peaches, feel free to try any other stone fruit.

Sweetener: If you don't want to use sugar, try stevia or monk fruit. Some agua fresca recipes also include sweetened condensed milk or raw sugar, so those are options as well!

Stay hydrated and cool with this Peach Melba Agua Fresca.

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